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ONE ROOF... cover it all

From idea to printing machine, from photography to prepress, retouching, press-ready files... You name it - we cover it. Yes, you have heard it before, true. But we are not the usual "one-stop-shop", no! We can offer our customers a complete software solution in which we implement every single phase of any given project! You can rest assured everything is going on time due to 24/7 real-time access and customised reports. Every single task from your side or our team is visible immediately and well documented. No more waiting for e-mail reply or waiting on hold on telephone.
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The circle unbroken

"D2P" stands for "design-to-print" and represents our unique software solution to serve your and our needs for better, faster and more precise actions and demands. Is it a time-saver? Yes. Is it a money-saver? Naturally. And where is the catch? What makes it so unique compared to other solutions on the market? Just click on the link below and see.
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It's a serious task.

Really. Design for a new product or redesign for an old one, is not a game of playing with shapes and colors. It's a serious job of finding and creating vantage points and using them as the main tool to make your product communicate with its users on a better and higher level.
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To predict the unpredictable...

How would your sleeve look like wrapped around the bottle? Distorted? Yes. But with our tools and 3D simulation we can reverse this effect and make it look straight and undistorted. Also, we can ensure the best positions of the elements of your design and avoid unwanted overlaps, folds or readability issues. Bottles, cups, cans, foils whatever...
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Ensuring same colors and tonal values

Same product may come in various types of packaging. Sounds ok, right? But if you imagine how many different suppliers are involved in this process, it would be easy to imagine how many different printing machines are involved, how many different inks are used, how many substrates are being printed on. Now, can you think of how many visually different final prints are we talking about? That is where Printing Consistency comes in as a solution.
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Some useful documents...

...can be found here and it's free for use whether you are a designer, a prepress-operator or printing facility technician. These documents can save a lot of time at the very beginning of the project!
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A very few people read this stuff.

5M-IGI Design and prepress studio is specialised in design and prepress in food packaging industry. With over 25 years of experience we can offer... blah, blah, blah. Only one sentence and it's already boring.
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